A Message from the TechServe Alliance President, Scott Aicher

By Brittany Jones posted 01-15-2020 17:37

As we begin a new year, it seemed like a natural point to reflect back on the journey that has led me to serving as the President of TechServe Alliance during 2020.

Over the past several decades, I have had the opportunity to view the staffing industry from a variety of roles and vantage points. Despite having spent considerable time within the industry, I realized that I still had a lot to learn and needed to invest in developing one of the best sources for insights and information: peer relationships.

While TechServe seemed like a natural forum to develop those relationships, my involvement with the group began slowly, choosing to dip my toe in to test the water. Initially, the information exchange was one-side. I was only willing to be a recipient of information, not yet open to sharing information in return. The tide turned for me when I participated in my first TechServe Large Firm Forum. While sitting in the room were leaders of some of the top firms in our industry, I was amazed at the openness and sharing of lessons learned and insights on the keys to success. What became clear is that sharing ideas and experiences not only didn’t put these firms at a competitive disadvantage, but rather if you gave, you got — leaving all participants better off as a result of the mutual exchange of information and ideas.

That culture of sharing has been a cornerstone of TechServe Alliance from the very beginning. From the annual conference, the member-only online "TechServe Connect" forums, to local chapter events, there are seemingly endless opportunities to meet, connect, learn, and share best practices exclusively focused on the unique opportunities and challenges of operating an IT & engineering staffing and solutions business.

While sharing of information has been part of TechServe’s DNA from the beginning, the Board and the staff continue to look for other ways to leverage the member network. The newly launched Deal Center was inspired by the ad-hoc member partnering that takes place on TechServe Connect. Conceived through the work of a Board-designated task force and implemented in record time by the staff, the Deal Center, powered by our partner Gustav, directly addresses one of the greatest challenges we face as an industry – insufficient talent to meet the needs of our clients. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to schedule a call with the Gustav team for a personalized onboarding session.

In addition to looking for ways to mitigate the impact of the talent shortage, the TechServe Board, Mark and his team remain committed to addressing the other major challenges facing our members. While still early in its launch, the new Health Plan Program promises to lower the cost of health coverage for many firms. In the next phase of the program, in conjunction with our partner Pendella, we will be exploring additional options to more fully leverage the collective scale of the organization to further bring down health plan costs for even more members. Be sure to visit pendella.com/techserve to learn more and request a quote.

The TechServe Board is passionate about how to help our members and advance our industry. While this may sound cliché, they are good people! It is a privilege to serve with them. I know I speak for my board colleagues, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you throughout the year (see the Board list on the inside of this newsletter).

As 2020 begins to unfold for you and your team, I encourage you to look for ways to engage with other members. Speaking from personal experience, if you give, you will get…often far more than you would have ever expected. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year.