Tackling the Challenges Having the Greatest Impact on Your Firm

By Angela Suarez posted 04-22-2019 18:00


A message from your TechServe Alliance CEO

 Over the last year, we’ve been surveying our members formally and informally to understand what challenges impact your firm most. Not surprisingly, your biggest challenges include:

  • Sourcing qualified IT and engineering talent
  • Finding effective salespeople and recruiters
  • Opening doors to high potential prospective clients
  • Developing your staff to their full potential

TechServe is making the commitment–and the investment–to tackle these challenges head on. We assembled four task forces of owners and executives along with other stakeholders from a diverse group of companies to consider a range of potential solutions. The output of these efforts has been a series of ideas for potentially ‘game-changing’ products and services.

Last month, the TechServe Board met to prioritize the best ideas. Several that we are actively evaluating are:

1) A Crowdsourced Candidate Platform

2) Sourcing, Screening, and Training “Street Ready” AEs

and Recruiters

3) A Customizable Templated Internal Training Program for AEs and Recruiters

4) A Member-to-Member

Partnering Platform

In addition to these ideas, others we are actively exploring include strategic partnerships with client-facing industry groups and assessing the viability of an association health plan for member firms.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be reaching out to solicit your input as we evaluate these new, high-potential products and services. Our outreach might take the form of online surveys or a telephone call to get your opinion. We hope you will share your experience and insights with us.

In the interim, if you should have any questions or want to play a more active role in developing the next generation of TechServe programs, let us know.

This is Your industry, Your Association, we need Your input!

Mark B. Roberts