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Does the 2017 Conference Sales & Recruiter Track Have Something For You?

By Meg Rayford posted 10-06-2017 17:05


Leave your preconceived notions about who should attend the Sales & Recruiting track sessions at the door. According to sales and recruiter trainer Barb Bruno, anyone -- in any area, on any level -- can benefit from attending these information-packed sessions. “That goes for the sales team, recruiters, account managers, company owners and more. There really is something for everyone within this track,” she says.

Have you attended other conferences and walked away with big-picture solutions only, the kind that take months or years to execute? That’s not the case here. The Sales & Recruiting track sessions offer tips that are proven and business-ready. “The ideas you’ll glean from these sessions can be implemented short-term, meaning you can put them into practice Monday morning,” says Bruno. “People who attend this track will leave with a solid ROI from Conference.”

Session leaders will share innovative ways to recruit talent, to increase referrals, and to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing recruiting firms: securing redeployments. “Many are struggling at getting redeployments right now,” says Bruno. “We’ll have the most talented professionals at this very task leading our sessions. These are people who have increased and extended contracts, and they’ll show you how to do it, too.”

With four tracks and a growing list of sessions and speakers, deciding what to attend can be dizzying. To squeeze every drop out of this information-rich conference, you should commit to as many sessions as you can. Bruno insists that everyone has something to learn by attending sessions outside their day-to-day realm. “If attendees are really serious about achieving a higher level of success and want to make more money, they should attend the entire Sales & Recruiting track,” she says.

Bruno’s professional philosophy is that sales and recruiting aren’t separate teams at all. In truth, when they work together, they can double sales and reap numerous benefits for the company. Your firm can augment its own sales and recruiting team at this year’s Conference. But don’t take it from us – listen to Bruno, a seasoned industry leader: “Some of the most successful companies in the country will be leading the Sales & Recruiting sessions track. Attendees can be assured they are learning from the best.”