Careerbuilder more than tripling fees

By Joe Coletta posted 03-25-2015 13:22

We use Careerbuilder's resume database, and we just completed a 4 month trial with Careerbuilder to evaluate their other services.  For a 50% increase in fees, we proved to ourselves there is no value in those services.  By their contractual metrics, the trial was a failure. A Careerbuilder rep  just came in and told us our costs were doubling again (more than tripling overall) whether we took those services or not.  Basically, the cost of using their resume database more than tripled across our team of six recruiters.  Has anyone else had this experience?  How did you resolve it?
Joe Coletta
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04-12-2016 16:41

Thanks Joe for your insight. This is very unfortunate but a value add for us to not go through the same investment since it didn't have the return. We currently use Career Builder as well but haven't experience anything like this (at least not to my understanding). I will be on the lookout though.