Staffing Market Grows, While Satisfaction Declines

By Brittany Jones posted 05-25-2018 13:24

Staffing Market Grows, While Satisfaction Declines
Rick Carlson, DirectorTechServe Alliance Sales Management Program
Recent buyer satisfaction surveys have indicated an overall decline in the satisfaction with staffing companies even though the overall market for staffing is expanding. Sounds contradictory, but if you dissect the situation, it may become more obvious.

The growth in demand lends itself to new competitors entering the marketplace, hungry for business. That can lead to desperate moves and poor practices that are very visible at the client level. This desperation may also be seen at the field consultant level as speed to market becomes the deciding factor in our ability to succeed. The fear of losing may tempt us to stray outside our normal lines.

Stay above the fray. Maintain your standards and above all else, focus on service. Track and provide evidence to your clients of your continued ability to provide both speed & quality. Make sure to redeploy your best consultants and make them feel a part of the team. Consultants will express their dissatisfaction while at the client site. Be sure you are perceived as a place where people want to be.
While it’s easy to cut corners in these times, it is extremely difficult to rebuild a tarnished image.
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