Hitting Target: Sales & Recruiting Success Through Effective Goal-Setting and Accountability

When:  Feb 21, 2019 from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (ET)
“How many sales calls should my sales team be making in a week?”

“What should the ratio of submits to interviews be for a seasoned sales person?” 

“How much gross margin should a senior producer be bringing in on a weekly or monthly basis?” 

“How do we get our people to reach higher activity based standards?” 

These are all important questions and necessary activities in order to grow our businesses. While these numbers have meaning, there is much more to it than just setting a target and expecting people to achieve these levels. 

Our marketplace continues to change and evolve and what worked 5 or 10 years ago may now be obsolete. Productivity cannot be measured by the number of hours you work or the tasks you cross off of a “to do” list. You must have a plan and a strategy that incorporates these activities. And that plan requires a different methodology of selling.

In this webinar, we will address crucial activities and the levels necessary to sustain and grow a business. More importantly, we will look at what approaches can be adopted to differentiate our companies and put us in the role of “trusted advisor” to our end customers. 

There will be time for Q&A with Rick Carlson on the subject material following the webinar. All webinars are recorded and sent out in a follow-up email to all registrants.